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About Us


Our History

City Design L.A. was founded in 1993 by Mr. Kim. Armed with an incomparable background of owning and operating one of the Far East’s most prolific furniture manufacturing companies, Mr. Kim relocated to southern California in 1989. In 1990 he opened the first of many trusted wholesale furniture sites in the United States.

Our Mission

City Design L.A. proudly serves both private individuals and corporate operations. Our client embodies the evocative blend of top-shelf taste and discretion, while also having the financial wisdom to spend frugally. With over twenty-four years of manufacturing and sales experience, City Design L.A. has established itself as a leader in the premium contemporary furniture market. By providing high-quality pieces (all made in the U.S.A.) at the lowest possible prices, City Design L.A. has earned an enviable reputation of integrity and respect from clients desiring the best of both worlds.

How City Design L.A. makes your life easier:

• Plays well with art department budgets
• Provides swatches for your presentation boards
• Access to our custom built furniture division
✓ Custom fabrication
✓ Creation of specialized pieces unavailable in the marketplace (every director needs at least ONE).
• Large inventory (most pieces available immediately with less than 30 minute load-out – we’re all short on lead time, we get it).
• Same day delivery (we understand that set necessities can turn on a dime and we’re there when you need us).


City Design L.A. is your solution to a more streamlined design process.


Great modern products, love how they can deliver on the same day when other shops can take 3 to 4 days to deliver.

— Marianne R. from Yelp —

Our Services


Coming Soon

Custom Built

City Design L.A. has enjoyed years of spreading custom-built.


City Design L.A. proudly serves both private individuals and corporate operations.

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8827 National Blvd, Culver City, CA 90232


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